Chris has been deeply interested in 3D VFX and Design since the tender age of 15, inspired by the VFX breakthroughs of the 90’s. He later studied 3D Computer Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia, USA.
After University, Chris packed up all of his earthly possessions into an old 1986 Jaguar XJ6 with a faulty starter and a tendency to stall at inopportune moments and drove 4000 km across the country to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles to break into the industry.
It took a couple of months to make the necessary connections but finally paid off with a staff position at METHOD LA. Within two years he went from junior 3D artist to 3D Lead and VFX Supervisor on commercials for brands like PEPSI, MOUNTAIN DEW, HUMMER and TOYOTA.
Working on spots with directors like Rupert Sanders, Zach Snyder and Rob Cohen, Chris worked on and oversaw the creation of nearly 40 commercials over the course of 5 years working at METHOD LA. In 2007, a VFX heavy spot lead by Chris ( Pepsi Pinball, directed by Traktor for BBDO) was nominated for an EMMY award for Most Outstanding Commercial. The Method team starting at 8 artists at the beginning of his residency reached nearly 100 by the time he left.
After a satisfying stint at Method it was time for some new adventures. Chris sold his car, packed his stuff and this time instead of driving 4000 km away flew 9000 km to Berlin, Germany with just 2 suitcases.
Chris quickly gained a good reputation freelancing around Berlin at RISEFX, MBOX, DYRDEE MEDIA,CHIMNEY, and others, with an occasional job outside of Berlin at studios such as LAIKA HOUSE in Portland USA, LUX VON MORGEN in Hamburg, Germany and annually he teaches his craft at THE ANIMATION WORKSHOP in Viborg, Denmark.
Chris also worked as the Head of 3d for a small creative boutique studio called SHAPEMINDS and MOVING IMAGES, but moved on when the company was sold.
Chris joined CHIMNEY from November of 2012 to June of 2015 as Head of the 3D Department, using his experience managing teams, doing onset supervision, as well as getting down and dirty with his crew, making Matte Paintings, Models, Fluid Simulations, Rendering and staying up-to-date with all of the innovations of this rapidly changing industry.
Chris recently finished a nearly year-long contract working as a Senior 3D Artist for RISE FX on a new feature film to be released in 2017.
Outside of work he is developing a Children’s Cartoon series, writing and directing a short film, drawing strangers on the UBahn and riding his bicycle like a maniac through the streets of Berlin.
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