Feature Film Project

A feature film project, to be released soon.

From mid 2015 to mid 2016 (11 months), I have been working on a feature film at the Berlin-based vfx studio Rise. The movie has not been released but it is expected in early 2017. Due to NDAs I cannot really say anything about the movie yet. I will update this page with a trailer and images when they are available. I can however discuss my role during this project.
While I've worked on shots and sequences for feature films in the past, this was the first time working on the film pretty much beginning to end. It was a great experience with a great team at Rise, excellent organization and a cool project.
My role was as a Senior CG Artist. As with my other work, I am a generalist, so I filled many roles throughout the production. In the beginning modelling detailed and photoreal assets in Maya and Zbrush, then texturing those assets in Mari, shading in Houdini with Mantra.
After the asset phase I moved over to layout, working on scene layouts and CG cameras (in Maya) and finally on to Lighting and Rendering (in Houdini with Mantra).
It was a real pleasure working on this project and getting to work on so many shots and sequences is very satisfying as well. I look forward to sharing the actual work and images when I can.
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