This was a fun spot to work on. It went through several iterations in the treatment phase, Sebastian Wirbelauer and I worked on the previz and original storyboards with director Hinrich Pflug. I supervised the shoot in lovely Barcelona, Spain in which we shot the background plates. Since the actual car had not been built yet, it was our task to put it in. When shooting we drove a stand-in car, to help the DP frame the shots appropriately, then a clean plate was shot without any car, in the same method. I did HDR captures for all locations for a good lighting reference.  Then, back at Chimney we created a CG interior and exterior, added some matte paintings and a lot of wonderful comp work to put this whole thing together. It was  short turn around, doing all post in under a month.  It should also be noted that fim was produced in Ultra HD 4k.
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