Directed by Zach Snyder (director of Watchmen and 300), this was a big ambitious job filled with motion capture, motion control rigs, tons of extras, 1000's of massive agents dynamically interacting with each other, cloth sims, and an endless variation of clothing combinations. On this job a team of 6-9 CG artists created this behemoth. I was primarily responsible for creating human and clothing assets to use in Massive. I was also doing previz, midviz, cloth sims and tracking. 6-7 Compositors put all the passes together in the end. I was one of two onset 3d VFX sups and I took a lot of the HDRs used for the lighting. Zach Snyder is really awesome by the way, we talked about zombie movies and comics and he gave me a signed 300 poster as well! Nerd dream come true, especially when they are level of zombie fan that I am. Bonus! Created at Method Studios.
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