Project: Ms.Marvel
Format: Streaming Series on Disney+
Role: VFX Supervisor
Ms.Marvel was a really fun project to work on, we jumped on and started to assist in the development of her "Hard Light" powers. I worked with the team to make the classic montage as Kamala practices with her friend Bruno in order to master her newfound ability. We also created a major chase near the end of the season. I handed the project over to the capable hands of Alessandro Cioffi to finish the shot work as I needed to jump on to She-Hulk which was running in parallel. 
Key Team Members:
VFX Supervisor: Alessandro Cioffi
Additional VFX Supervisors: Jörn Großshans, Chris Smallfield
VFX Producer: Giacomo Trevisiol
Additional VFX Producers: Chris Cruse, Christine Neumann
CG Supervisor: Curtis Edwards
Additional CG Supervisor: Hoss Ghaith
Head of CG: Radu Arsith
Compositing Supervisor: Alexey Kuchinski
Head of Rigging: Ruth Wiegand
Head of Lighting: Julius Ihle
Head of Production: Nick Strange Thye
Head of FX: Martin Lapp
Further Info:
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