Several countries created "Iconic" Spongebob Squarepants short film and this is the one from Germany. Directed by the massively talented boys at Dyrdee Media. The FX were done by myself (CG Burger, Butterfly and the epic 3d matte painting end shot) Ian Hutchinson (animation,compositing and on set VFX sup) and Jochen Weidner (animation, compositing). Created at Dyrdee Media.
This is a timelapse movie showing how I created the 3D Matte painting used in the Spongebob Iconic Deutschland spot for Nickelodeon. I created the matte painting then projected it on 3D geometry then made a camera move and transitioned between the live action footage of the boy into my matte painting. Additional elements were added and compositing done by Ian Hutchinson. The whole spot was created at Dyrdee Media Berlin. You can view the whole spot on their website
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