Keenly Preesents - Chris Smallfield
Keenly Preesents - Chris Smallfield
This is my latest showreel.
The Zero Theorem
This shows some of the conceptual work I did for the Terry Gilliam film, The Zero Theorem.
Feature Film Project
A feature film project, to be released soon.
Infiniti - Q80 Inspiration
A full CG car auto-show spot for Infiniti.
Grid - Magic Box Shanghai
A 360 degree installation for the Shanghai Expo
Shape Minds - Logo ID Film
A Logo Ident film created for the companz Shape Minds and Moving Images
Nickelodeon - Spongebob
A spot for Nickelodeon, expressing the indelible mark Spongebob Squarepants has had on our world.
Career Builders - Personality
A wild commercial for
Shift - Opener
The opener for the show "Shift"
Fox Sports - Maze
An epic spot for Fox Sports college football.
Toys R Us - Big Book
A campaign for the annual Big Book catalog for Toys R Us.
Terminix - End of the World
An apocalyptic spot for Terminix.
Panasonic - Eco Tech
This was a beautiful take on Eco home appliances from Panasonic, presented at the IFA convention in Berlin.
Miller - Break from the Crowd
An epic spot for Miller, directed by Zach Snyder (300, Watchmen)
Pepsi - Pinball
An Emmy nominated spot for Pepsi.
Hummer - Muscle
A somewhat artsy Hummer spot, from the perspective of the mountain on which it drives.
Sears - Arboretum
A lovely spot showing the whimsical side of tools for Sears.
Volkswagen - Dune
For the 2014 Detroit Autoshow, a film for the debut of the VW Dune.
Chevrolet - Shanghai Expo
A film for the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show
Toyota - Aging
Toyota trucks stand the test of time in this spot.
361 - NFO Magnetic
A spot for a Chinese shoe company, with magnets!
Hummer - Monster
Inside every Hummer is a little monster
Caress - Sensation
A sport of Caress body lotion for the South American market.
Audi - Living Room
A creative project for Audi.
1 2 oder 3 - Opener
A new look for a classic German kid's show.
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