Project: Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Format: Feature Film
Role: Associate VFX Supervisor
Shang Chi gave us the chance to develop a lot of creatures from top to bottom. We concepted, built and animated Morris, the faceless, 6 legged, 4 winged, fuzz friend. We developed the 9 tailed fox and her little cubs. The iridescent legendary creature the Qilin and many more. Not to mention some amazing environments FX and my personal favorite, the redesign of Abomination (who we later also used in the She-Hulk tv series). 
Key Team Members:
VFX Supervisors: Dominik Zimmerle, Christopher Smallfield
VFX Producer: Sarah Fernandez
Animation Supervisor: Simone Kraus Townsend
FX Supervisor: Martin Lapp
Comp Supervisor: Ernest Dios
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