Project: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
Format: Streaming Series on Disney+
Role: VFX Supervisor for TRIXTER
This project was a blast! Building up the She-Hulk asset, sculpting extremely detailed shapes and working with a hybrid mocap animation process utilizing an AI driven solver to capture very subtle details of Tatiana Maslany's facial performance. We resurrected and improved the Abomination character we created for Shang Chi, it was great to get a chance to stretch his performing abilities even further.
We created the Supermax Prison Environment (also made a shot using this asset for Ms.Marvel in parallel), demon babies from Hell, Goblinville, a magic dove, fire FX and portals. It was a pretty wide range of elements!
Key Team Members:
VFX Supervisor: Christopher Smallfield
VFX Producers: Cat Thelia, Eva Peschkes
Animation Supervisor: Sebastian Badea
CG Supervisors: Sebastian Zilius, Chris Nickel
Compositing Supervisor: Igor Majdandzic
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