This project was a bit different than most I have worked on. I got the chance to do a little bit of concept design work for the Terry Gilliam film "The Zero Theorem". They had built the middle section practically, shot it, on green screenand needed the surrounding area, above and below to be added in CG and I had to opportunity to work with my colleague Sebastian Wirbelauer and the films art director to flesh it out and start the modeling. Above is my finished concept art and the below is some clips from the film, the final result, and some of our work leading up to the final model.
A sketch for getting the scale of the scene corret.
Detail concepts for the top portion and hanging cables.
Some experiemnts with some cables, which were later placed underwater.
A little dynamics test, used for placement and to see how easy they might be to animate.
An unsused concept of old disused scientific equipment on he base floor.
Originally the surrounding area was supposed to be more like an Opera, but it was later changed to be a nuclear cooling tower type look later on. The multilevel floor with exposed parts was used though.
The updated background area.
Some technical structures and machinery under the water.
The finished concept model with human model placed for scale. The styleframe at the top of the page is painted on top of this model.
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